Chalice Medical specialises in the manufacture of disposable single use medical devices to be used in the fields of cardiac surgery and ECMO.  The company covers a wide demographic by manufacturing products to support neonatal patients through to adults.  The Chalice Medical Group are located in the heart of the United Kingdom and has been home to Chalice since the company began manufacturing in 1998.  Chalice has established itself as a producer of high quality, fully CE marked medical devices, working very closely with the major ECMO hospitals and now commands a high UK market share.

Our Products

Paragon® is the only Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenator to be manufactured in the UK. It comes in 3 different models to accommodate end user requirements. The standard, The Paragon Micronet, and our long-term oxygenator The Paragon PMP.

The Paratherm is a compact and efficient Heater/Cooler to facilitate patient thermo-regulation. The ParaTherm’s robust and sleek design is ideally suited for either a permanent site in an Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) or for use as a mobile device in the transportation of patients. With a wide temperature range that allows cooling down to 15°C and heating up to 39°C.

The Parallel Simulator a portable and customisable training system. When connected in-line with a conventional circuit, the Parallel will simulate common scenarios related to ECMO and other circulatory and pulmonary support therapies. For More information and brochures please visit our website.

The CytoSorb therapy is based on an extracorporeal blood purification procedure that can effectively reduce excessive levels of inflammatory mediators. This is intended to alleviate the excess systemic inflammatory response (“cytokine storm”) associated with systemic hyperinflammation or septic shock. Thus, the life-threatening complications of a cytokine storm can be avoided and, above all, the stabilization of hemodynamics promoted. For more information please visit our website.

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