The Simulator Company, London, is the first British company to manufacture advanced ECLS manikin-based simulators designed to mimic realistic clinical scenarios. The Simulator Company are a new introduction to the world of simulators and are passionate about manufacturing high fidelity simulators in all fields of extra-corporeal circulation. The products fulfil the current and future clinical training needs with Extra-corporeal life support therapies. In addition, our simulators help to simulate challenging clinical scenarios, hence improving the trainee's technical skills.
We genuinely believe that with simulation, we can save lives.

Our products:

The E-SIM series of products are ECLS simulators, specifically designed for beginner to expert ECLS trainers. The simulators are the fastest to set up and easiest to use simulators ever.

E-SIM 1 empowers beginner ECLS trainers to perform simulations including ultrasound- guided peripheral cannulation, IABC therapy and connection to Extra-corporeal circulation systems.

E-SIM 2 takes ECLS simulations to the next level to help perform simulations, including ultrasound-guided peripheral cannulation, ultrasound-guided double-lumen cannulation, IABC therapy, connection to Extra-corporeal circulation systems and troubleshooting scenarios. In addition, E-Sim 2 is the first ECLS cannulation simulator to work along with external perfusion simulators.

The E-SIM 1 and E-SIM 2 are the first of its kind simulators with all the electronics built into the body.

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