Zoom Recording Guidance

Invited presenters will schedule a 'Solo' Zoom recording session using an SCPS Pro Zoom account which will have cloud recording features enabled. ALL participants should read the guidance below and set up a recording session as convenient using our online calendar schedule feature.

Post-Edited Video Format

Our Post edited Zoom videos undergo considerable tweaking to create the final look shown below with unified areas for presenter screens, presenter camera views, the title of the talk and event theme.

Zoom Video Recording Sources

Invited congress speakers will be asked to set up a 'solo' Zoom recording session with our admin. Our cloud-based Zoom recording features allow Zoom to separately record the slides screen and presenter camera screen. Having two video sources will enable us to apply appropriate post-editing techniques.

Do Not Submit Local Zoom Picture In Picture Format Recorded File

It is required that you do not submit a Zoom recording made locally on your computer due to the inherent technical limitations. In the past, video submissions have been received with the camera screen on the top right over the presented slides. The problem with this is that the presenter cam area cuts the presentation slides content. Furthermore, the prepared video template cannot be used. There is only one video source, not two (i.e. presenter slide video & camera view recording possible with our Pro Zoom Cloud feature).

Do not Submit Local Zoom Side by Side Format Recorded File

In the past, we have received the occasional side by side Zoom Recording submission, as shown. While Zoom has an option for this feature, it is not recommended. The recording quality is not as pixel rich as the separate Zoom video files obtainable from our Zoom cloud recording feature. Furthermore, the cropping of the speaker video in a box layout has other inherent flaws. For example, our cloud recording allows for a high-resolution recording of the presenter slides, allowing post-editing to capture various details within text and illustration very well.

A Photo Of the Presenter Must be Submitted For The Video Poster

Our photo guidance page provides instructions for submitting suitable photos. A standing photo of the presenter facing the camera will be required. These can be shot relatively quickly by using a modern smartphone and with the help of an assistant. In addition, our web developer will tweak the submitted photos to remove background, sizing for uniformity and so forth.

Internet Speed Required For Zoom Recording

An internet speed test must be performed in advance of the recording to ensure sufficient bandwidth for the 1080 HD Zoom cloud recording. The minimum upload and download speeds required are 5 Megabytes Per Soon. The Speedtest.net App or browser version of the speed test can be used where possible an ethernet connection is recommended for optimal streaming performance.

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  • The administrator will create a meeting for one profile in the SCPS Zoom account, you will have access to this and do your presentation as normal.
  • When you begin your presentation this will be automatically recorded in the SCPS Zoom webinar account.
  • Once you do your presentation, you can log out of the account and our web developer will download the videos and do some video editing where needed.
  • All speakers are required to fill out our form below to collect photos and short bios. If you have already submitted this, you can ignore this instruction.