Ms. Denise Gonoud

SCPS Secretary


Chief Clinical Perfusion Scientist, Galway University Hospital, Ireland.


Denise was elected on to the Executive Committee in 2016 where she has been part of the Meetings and Seminars subcommittee.  One of her principle roles has been the organisation of the exhibition for the annual conference each year.  Denise commenced a role on the Safety Committee in 2019, where she hopes to continue the work of this committee highlighting issues surrounding patient safety in perfusion and facilitate the patient safety discussions at the annual conference. Denise is also the SCPS secretary.

Clinical Interests

Denise specialises in adult clinical perfusion but has a particular interest in human factors and issues surrounding patient safety and safety culture within the hospital environment.

Professional Profile

Denise graduated from the National University of Ireland, Cork in 2003 with a BSc. Honours in Physiology and obtained a position as a trainee Clinical Perfusion Scientist at Derriford Hospital Plymouth.  After accreditation in 2005, Denise remained at Derriford hospital for another two years gaining further experience in all aspects of adult cardiac perfusion.

In 2007 a cardiac centre was opened in Galway Ireland ,where she commenced her role as a Clinical Perfusionist.  Here she assisted in setting up the perfusion programme and in 2016 was appointed Chief Clinical Perfusion Scientist.  During this time Denise has been a guest lecturer on the Masters in Medical Physics and the Postgraduate Diploma in Perioperative Nursing at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Denise has furthered her academic and professional experience by completing courses such as Effective Representation for Allied Health Professionals, as well as completing her Masters in Leadership and Management in the Community and Public Sector in 2016.