Miss. Lucy English

SCPS Executive Committee


Senior Clinical Perfusion Scientist, Derriford Hospital, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS trust

Society Role

Elected to the executive committee in 2012, Lucy has served as a member of the Education and Training sub-committee for 7 years. She introduced the electronic logbook and has re-developed this for 2019.  Lucy continues to manage the organisation of practical exams with the support of the society examiners across the country. In 2017 the Bristol Course was introduced, this was a massive undertaking for the Society where, Lucy worked extensively with the University of Bristol and perfusionists around the UK and Ireland to create a Perfusion focused MSc.

Clinical Interests

Lucy specialises in adult CPB with many years of experience in mini bypass (MiECC), minimal access and aortic surgery. She is specifically interested in blood conservation, data management and the recruitment and training of student perfusionists.

Professional Profile

Lucy graduated from the University of St Andrews and remained in Scotland to start her perfusion career as one of the first cohort of the NESCOT PGDip. 2007 saw Lucy move to the south west of England to take up a Perfusion Scientist role in Plymouth, increasing her experience in a variety of perfusion techniques. As a Senior Clinical Perfusion Scientist, the responsibilities for management and procurement of equipment are currently filling her time.