"Clinical Perfusion Scientists must be registered with the College of Clinical Perfusion Scientists to practise in Great Britain and Ireland. The College Register shows those qualified to practise, with more than 400 qualified and trainee Clinical Perfusion Scientists in Great Britain and Ireland.The public trusts Clinical Perfusion Scientists to set and monitor their own professional standards. Patients undergoing major surgery have a right to expect treatment from competent and appropriately qualified staff and in return clinical perfusion scientists must give their patients high-quality care.The College possesses powers designed to maintain the high standards the public has a right to expect of clinical perfusion scientists. Where any clinical perfusion scientist fails to meet those standards, we act to protect patients from harm - if necessary, by striking the clinical perfusion scientist off the voluntary register and notifying their employer.We are a charity, whose purpose is the protection, promotion and maintenance of the health and safety of patients undergoing a wide range of cardiac and related procedures. "

Patrick Campbell
College of Clinical Perfusion Scientists Of Great Britain and Ireland


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