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Terms Of Use Policy

Login credentials: for personal use - Do not share them - create own password (see guide below).
Login access monitored: Excessive multiple IP sessions will result in termination.
Login issues tip: clear cache and also use a non-restrictive internet network (see guide below).
Other login issues: please contact us using the form below stating issue in detail.
Auto-subscription cancellation: Not currently implemented - Coming Soon
Society Members:  Access to login privileges will be terminated at the end of membership.
Archived Videos Expiry: We reserve the right to expire older outdated videos in our library as and when needed.
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Quick Fix Guide

Safari Browser Users

Apple has recently made some changes in their IOS and Mac OS software for iPhones, iPads and Macs respectively which affects how our member login system works. Some Safari users might be affected. If you have any issues logging in, please do the following:  go to Settings on the iPhone/iPad and on the Safari setting, disable the default setting that says "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking". On the Mac, go to Safari Preferences then select privacy and UNCHECK the option to prevent cross-site tracking. Google Chrome users are unaffected, use as normal.

London Core Review Cardiothoracic Surgery Course - Web app iPhone Illustration BLondon Core Review Cardiothoracic Surgery Course - Web app iPhone Illustration B

How To Cancel Subscription

Coming Soon - not yet implemented. Improvmeents to the login system to included automated subscriptions will be initiated at some point in the future - beyond 2020.

How To Change Credentials

All web app users are encouraged to periodically change their passwords by clicking the my profile option in the popup - login window. The my profile option also allows the user to change the login email at any time.

Add Home Screen Icon (Safari)

For quicker access to our web app, we recommend creating a home screen icon on your iPhone (instructions to follow). Allowing your operating system to save your credentials will also facilitated quicker access.

Internet Firewalls Access

Occasionally, a web app user contacts us stating he/she is not able to access the web app. Where web app access privileges has not been expired/terminated, the problem typically lies with a highly restrictive work internet firewall. If you face access issues in the later case, you are adviced to change internet networks to resume use. Alternatively you are requested to contact your IT department where appropriate.

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Internet Speed Tester

Our videos are highly optimised for fast streaming and mobile data-friendly. Good internet speeds are required for video streaming purposes. You can test your internet speed by using the free app below (recommend download speeds: 25 mb/s)

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Apple Airplay

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