Mr James Tyrrell

College Council Member


Clinical Perfusion Manager, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary


James was elected on to the Council of the College of Clinical Perfusion Scientists in 2021.  

Clinical Interests

I accredited from the Society of Clinical Perfusion Scientists in 2005 whilst working at The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough. Since 2008, I have worked in multiple NHS Trusts and private healthcare organisations, in addition to working alongside two industry leading global OEM’s, providing clinical, managerial and technical consultancy services. My time within industry has allowed me to travel the world, spending time to speak and support the global perfusion community and present at international perfusion congress’. This experience has given me an invaluable insight into the geographical variations of perfusion literacy, clinical practice and standards of operation throughout the world.

Professional Profile

I have specialist interests in interorganisational performance, the subject of my MBA thesis, and perfusion data management systems. These interests have developed independently during my professional career, however, most recently within my capacity as Perfusion Manager at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary have become intertwined. Goal Directed therapies in combination with data management and artificial intelligence technologies, have created vast learning opportunities from our everyday practice, contributing to increased performance and thus benefiting patient outcomes.